The independent research laboratory Stanlab LLC was set up by a veterinary medicine doctor – Mr Dieter Stanisławski and a manager Marek Hoppe in order to meet the needs of the food industry and the consumers.
Mr Dieter Stanisławski also run Gissel Institute - Bacteriology and Comestible Hygiene Laboratory founded by Dr Lienhop. The laboratory was established over 50 years ago in the capital city of the Lower Saxony – Hanover. The independent research laboratory Stanlab LLC collaborates with the Gissel Institute - Bacteriology and Comestible Hygiene Laboratory to the extent of experience exchange. At present our Laboratory is set up in Sehnde.
On 01st April 2016 Laboratory Gissel Institute changed its name to SL STANLAB Experts Laboratory of Bacteriology and Food Hygiene Dr. Dieter Stanislawski.
Our competence is confirmed through participation in the cross-laboratory efficiency inspection organised by the SL STANLAB Sachverständigenlabor für Bakteriologie und Lebensmittelhygiene Dr. Dieter Stanislawski (late - Gissel Institute) along with the Water Foundation in Gdańsk, LGC-Standards, the Ecological Research Centre of PAN (Polish Science Academy) as well as the State Veterinary Institute.
On 13th January 2007 our Laboratory was accepted as full member of the Polish Research Laboratories Club POLLAB - certification, registration No. 733. Moreover, on 4th September 2007, the laboratory received an Accreditation Certificate AB 819 granted by the Polish Accreditation Centre. - certification. According to the decision of the Chief Veterinary Doctor, since 25th November 2008 our laboratory has been approved for conducting official laboratory research of food. - list.
Since 2009, Stanlab laboratory has also been accepted by QS System to carry out the monitoring research of Salmonella in Poland in accordance with the QS - Qualität und Sicherung standard - The list of laboratories. In order to increase the qualifications of our staff we participate in a whole range of trainings, symposia and conferences.
Since the very beginning we focused on high qualifications of the personnel and high-tech equipment which currently enables us to use the latest technologies. Therefore, the services we provide are accepted and appreciated by our Clients.

The brief history of our Laboratory

At new premises.

In mid March we started removal to the new premises.

Beginning of erecting the new building

At the beginning of spring we started to build a new premises of our Laboratory with the address 89-100 Nakło nad Notecią, Bielway 34.

“Companies investments support”

As a part of project "Companies investments support" from European Union were refunded the purchases of the modern laboratory equipment. Purchased equipment allowed to expand the offering laboratory tests for example the content and fatty acid profile and the examination of water activity.

Official water testing

District Sanitary Inspector issued a decision approving the Independent Laboratory STANLAB for the sampling and testing of water intended for human consumption in accordance with Art. 12 paragraph 4 of the Act of 7th June 2001 on collective water supply and discharge of wastewater.

The only one in the country

QS Qualität Und Sicherheit GmbH approved our laboratory as the only one in the country to conduct research monitoring of Salmonella in pork meat.

Approval of Chief Veterinary Doctor

Chief Veterinary Doctor has approved our laboratory for official testing and entered us on a list of laboratories.

A first audit carried out by the Polish Centre for Accreditation

After a positive audit which Polish Centre for Accreditation carried out the first accreditation Certificate AB 819 was issued.

Polish Club Research Laboratories

Laboratory has been member of the Polish Club POLLAB Laboratories.

SL STANLAB Sachverständigenlabor für Bakteriologie und Lebensmittelhygiene Dr. Dieter Stanislawski (late - Gissel Institute)

From the beginning the cooperation is very productive with our BUSINESS partner - the Institute of SL STANLAB Sachverständigenlabor für Bakteriologie und Lebensmittelhygiene Dr. Dieter Stanislawski.


Laboratory gained entry to the KRS and began operations.