Contribution from the EU

On 31 December, 2009 The independent research laboratory Stanlab LLC has signed a contract with the province marshal's office concerning an EU grant. Within the framework of operation 5.2 “Companies investments support”, sub-operation 5.2.2. “Companies investments support” the laboratory has invested in the supply of new machines and equipment owing to which it will be able to introduce new services, increase the standard and quality of the previous services and create new workplaces. The amount of the contribution: 60% of the qualified costs.

An extension of the range of the performed official research for the needs of Veterinary Inspection

According to the decision from 4th November, 2009, the independent research laboratory Stanlab LLC has been approved by the Chief Veterinary Doctor to the performance of the following laboratory research of comestibles:

  • The estimation of the presence and number of Escherichia coli (PN-ISO 7251:2006; PN-ISO 16649-2:2004)
  • The estimation of the number of Enterobacteriaceae (PN-ISO 21528-2:2005)
  • The estimation of the amount of mould and yeast (PN-ISO 7954:1999)
  • The estimation of the number of the anaerobic bacteria (PN-ISO 15213:2005)