On 18th November 2014 we took part in the conference "IDENTIFICATION AND EVALUATION OF FOOD WITH GUARANTEED HIGH QUALITY" Thanks to the cooperation with the Department of Animal Sciences University of Technology - Life Sciences we could present on the Polish market a unique method for the detection of bone components in meat and meat products. The method is based on staining of histological sections in such a way that under a microscope could be observed bone parts.
This work "Microscopic detection of bone parts in meat products" was very popular. The conference was organized by the Institute of Meat Technology Department of Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Life Sciences in Poznan.

System management training

From 17th to 18th October 2014 in the Independent Research Laboratory STANLAB LLC was carried out a training organized by A2K CeNT.
The scope of issues covered two topics:

1. „Improvement of the management system according to DIN EN ISO / IEC IEC 17025: 2005";
2. „The requirements of the revised document DAB-07".

Pobieranie próbek i wykonywaniu badania wody przeznaczonej do spożycia

On 3rd of October 2014 a chief Veterinary Doctor in Naklo nad Notecia has approved our laboratory for official sampling and testing of water intended for human consumption.

Dr. Dieter Stanislawski joined the group of experts in the field of food hygiene

Ladies and Gentlemen, We have the honor to inform you that on 06 June 2014, Dr. Dieter Stanislawski joined the group of experts in the field of food hygiene appointed and sworn by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hanover.

Dr. Stanislawski at Interpack trade fair

During Interpack trade fair, which took place in Düsseldorf on the initiative of Weber Maschinenbau GmbH, spoke Dr. Dieter Stanislawski, representing Gissel Institute. Weber Maschinenbau GmbH company in the past 30 years has become a leader in the industry and technology in the production of slicing machines and slicing systems in Europe and USA.

The new scope of accreditation

25th April 2014 the members of Polish Center of Accreditation on the basis of results in the process of supervision has been decided to transfer, extension, updating and adjusting the scope No AB 819 for Independent Research Laboratory STANLAB LLC.
The new, expanded and updated edition can be found under Offer -> Laboratory tests or directly on the website of the Polish Centre for Accreditation.