04-12-2015 the laboratory was organized seminar "Is the manufacturer allowed to do everything ...", were invited food producers, mainly the meat sector.
Participation in the seminar was an opportunity to update and deepen knowledge about the legal requirements for the subjects discussed.

The program presents the following issues:
1. The basic elements of the label meat and meat products in terms of the Regulation of the
    European Parliament and of the Council (EU) No 1169/2011 of 25 October 2011.
2. The labeling of foods according to nutritional value of Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 of 25 October 2011.
3. Adulteration of food. Detection of bone parts coming from MSM (mechanically separated meat)
    in meat products - using histological methods.
4. Contamination of food and food additives.
5. Microbiological tests - legally regulated area (reference methods/alternative).

The speakers, this laboratory personnel and invited guests working with the laboratory: from the University of Technology and Life Sciences them. J.J Śniadeckich and IJHARS in Bydgoszcz.

Everyone involved in the organization and implementation of the seminar a heartfelt thank you.
Jowita Oleszak

„Eagles of Polish Business 2015”

In November, the Laboratory participatedin the Plebiscite “Eagles of Polish Business 2015", implemented under the National Programme for the Promotion POLISH ENTREPRENEURSHIP, which was organized by Mazowiecki Association of Commerce, Industry and Services.
On this occasion, Top Management of the Laboratory was invited to attend the Grand Gala "Polish Enterprise", 28.11.2015, during which representatives of the company were awarded first prize - a statuette and a diploma “Company of the Year 2015” plebiscite, "Polish Eagle Enterprise 2015" in the category of scientific activity, educational and research and development.


On 05st November POLWITA company organized training in the premises of our lab „Guidelines for marking and declaration of content in meat products. Calculation of meatiness - QUID method”.


On 09th and 16th October another groups of employees were trained in providing first aid.

On 30th September at the laboratory was held training „A label must speak the truth ... ” The training was organized by the Scientific and Technical Centre A2K CeNT which is proven and befriended training company.

The new scope of accreditation

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are pleased to announce that on 1st July 2015 the Polish Centre for Accreditation as a results of the evaluation in the process of supervision has been decided to extend, upgrade and adjusting the scope No AB 819 for Independent Research Laboratory STANLAB LLC.

The new, expanded and updated edition can be found under Offer -> Laboratory tests or directly on the website of the Polish Centre for Accreditation.

Conference at Gissel Institut 2015

Organizational changes

From 1st June 2015 there were changes in personnel management. Director of the Chemical Lab is a new person Anna Szymańska.
Jowita Oleszak is Quality manager.

The PCA Audit

The team of auditors from the Polish Centre for Accreditation carried out re-examination in the laboratory on 27th and 28th April 2015. The audit covered the extension and updating of the scope of accreditation. The auditors did not reveal unconformities.


One of the form of staff qualification improvement is training.
Last training was organized at STANLAB by training company A2K CeNT on 14.03.2015.
The scope of issues covered two topics:

1. „General requirements of document DA-06 with regard to changes.”
2. „The calibration of spectrophotometers in the framework of the test method.”



In February this year we organized two trainings.
„Marking of meat and fish in the light of the provisions of Regulation 1169/2011.”. The training company provided us with an extensive knowledge of the issue in question.

Caring for the health and safety of our workers was organized training in first aid. A large group of employees were trained rest of them will be trained in the second half of the year.